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General Dentistry

Here at Audubon Dental Clinic, we offer quality yet affordable general dentistry services to help restore and maintain the health of your teeth. But we’re not just your typical dental clinic. From the moment you enter our office, our spa-like atmosphere and amenities should make you feel relaxed while you wait for your appointment.

Our office here at Clinton, Maryland offers a variety of services, including:

Dental Exams

As part of your regular dental checkup, we will check for any risk of tooth decay and gum problems to provide you with the necessary treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dental X-rays may be given to identify areas of decay that aren’t visible, check for infection or disease, or prepare you for dentures, tooth implants, and other dental procedures.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular brushing and flossing can help minimize dental plaque that may lead to cavities, but sometimes the help of a professional is needed to remove tartar, or mineralized plaque that brushing alone can’t remove. Here at our office, we provide dental cleaning to help keep your teeth free from plaque and tartar, especially in areas of the mouth that are hard to reach with a toothbrush or floss.

Dental Restoration

If your dental exam reveals that you have cavities, we can restore the integrity and function of your teeth with dental fillings. We offer white composite fillings that will blend with the natural color of your teeth.

If you’re anxious about coming to the dentist for dental X-rays, or to have cavities cleaned and filled, the soothing, spa-like setting of our office can help you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can have a pleasant experience during your appointment with us. We have a refreshment bar where you can enjoy gourmet coffee, tea, or juice. You can even take advantage of our complimentary amenities including eye masks, scented moist towelettes, lip balm, and headphones to help you feel pampered while you wait for your treatment.

Here at Audubon Dental Clinic, we strive to make your visit as soothing and as unique as possible. You won’t find a cold, scary environment here. Just see what our clients have to say about our services!

For any inquiries about our general dentistry services or if you want to set an appointment for a dental exam, teeth cleaning, or dental filling, don’t hesitate to contact us either through our website or by phone at 301-856-1122. We look forward to hearing from you!