3 Ways Audubon Dental Center Stands Out in General Dentistry Services

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You’re having toothaches; you spot discolored teeth; your gums bleed every time you brush – these are just a few scenarios that call for a dentist. When you want to get a thorough examination done, it’s a general dentist you need to see. Here are three ways Audubon Dental Center stands out for its general dentistry services:

1. Find a variety of affordable general dentistry services under one roof – One reason why people may delay or skip their routine visit to the dentist is because of costs. However, at Audubon Dental Center, you can rest assured you’re getting top notch dental services for an affordable price. Our clinic in Clinton offers dental exams like x-rays to ensure both your teeth and gums are healthy; teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, which are the cause of bleeding gums; dental restoration like composite fillings, and a host of other general dentistry services. This means, you won’t have to waste time and energy visiting multiple clinics to see different dentists for your dental problems (unless, of course, we have to refer you to a specialist).

2. Enjoy discounts with our dentist specials – As mentioned, cost is a big factor for patients when it comes to the treatments they need. We at Audubon Dental Center understand our patients’ predicament and we’d hate to see our patients develop more dental problems due to budget constraints alone. So, on top of our already affordable general dentistry services, we also throw in discounts for our patients from time to time. Our dentist specials are offered for a limited time only so if you want to hear about when we’re having another round of discounted dental services, be sure to visit our website regularly, or better yet, inquire at our clinic by calling us at 301-856-1122. Whenever we have a new offer, be sure to schedule an appointment before the offer expires.

3. Spa-like atmosphere and experience – We strive to make every patient’s visit to Audubon Dental Center comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant through a spa-like atmosphere, with world-class client amenities. This is our own little way of helping our patients feel at ease before getting their turn. Among our complimentary amenities, we can provide eye masks, lip balm, headphones, ear plugs, and scented moist towelettes – little things that can make a difference in your visit to our clinic.

For inquiries about our general dentistry services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 301-856-1122 today!

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