4 Tips to Help You Adjust to Your Orthodontic Braces

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4 Tips to Help You Adjust to Your Orthodontic Braces

Dental braces — it’s been a part of many people’s childhood or teenage years. While dental braces may not be the most flattering of orthodontic accessories to wear, the results of going through the long and arduous process are worth it. If you’ve just been told you need dental braces or have just recently gotten them, here are four helpful tips to help you adjust to them:

1. Do what the orthodontist tells you to do – First things first, follow your orthodontist’s instructions. If he/she tells you to return in a month’s time for an adjustment, plot it down your calendar so you won’t forget. Missing appointments will only delay the entire process, and you’ll have to wear your braces for longer. And who wants to wear braces for nearly a decade? Of course, you want straight, picture-perfect teeth in the soonest possible time, so listen and be obedient to your orthodontist. It’s for your own good.

2. Avoid chewy, sticky food – While you still have dental braces on, avoid eating chewy, sticky food for the meantime, as these can get stuck in between your teeth and the wires of your braces. Cleaning and brushing your teeth with braces is hard enough as it is; don’t give yourself a harder time by eating food that will just give you trouble. Instead of eating chewy, sticky food, you can snack on fruit and vegetables which are good for your teeth.

3. Avoid sodas or beverages loaded with sugar – Aside from chewy, sticky food, you should also avoid drinking sodas or drinks loaded with sugar. This is because the acid found in such drinks can lead to tooth decay. Here’s a pro tip when shopping: check the ingredients list or nutrient information of the item before putting it in your shopping cart. Replace these sugary drinks with water instead.

4. Use interdental cleaning brushes – As mentioned, cleaning and brushing teeth with braces isn’t as easy as it looks. There are a lot more nooks and crannies and worse, these won’t easily be reached with your regular toothbrush. As such, you could be more prone to dental plaque build-up. Not to fret; the most effective way to clean your teeth and braces properly is by using interdental cleaning brushes. These are special brushes that provide you optimal access to clean around the brackets, under the wires, and along the gum line, to name a few.


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