5 Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth

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5 Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth

At Audubon Dental Center we like to provide our patients with educational materials that will help them make informed decisions when it comes to their oral health and their overall wellness.

A big part of what we do is provide preventive dentistry for our patients, which sometimes means providing our two cents when one of our patients is planning on taking part in a lifestyle change or a new sport or activity.

Below are a few of the more high-risk sports when it comes to your teeth.

1.) Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a major US past time that has gotten some global attention over the years. However, you don’t see many skaters wearing mouthguards, although helmets and knee and elbow guards are pretty much a mainstay. It’s not uncommon for a skateboarder to miscalculate on a rail and bust their mouth on a huge slab of metal, which can cause all sorts of oral health problems.

2.) Hockey

We figure this one is pretty obvious. You’ve likely seen more than one pro hockey player with a messed up grill due to fighting during games or taking a hockey puck to the mouth.

3.) Football

Football is one of the lesser to blame when it comes to dental emergencies, due to helmets and mouthguards. However, sometimes accidents happen. Chipped and cracked teeth can commonly happen, for instance.

4) Combat Sports

Martial arts, boxing, and MMA are all high-risk sports when it comes to your body and your teeth. While training or taking classes you’ll be less likely to experience a dental emergency, but if you ever decide to step in the ring one-on-one, that might be a different story. Wear that mouthguard and keep those hands up!

5.) Basketball

Yep, this one might come as a surprise, but basketball is actually probably the most dangerous sport for your teeth on this list. You can get elbowed in the face while jockeying for position under the hoop, for instance. Also, since basketball is mistakenly believed to be a less physical sport (it’s not), more players take it lightly. Ask Goran Dragic — he’s had multiple teeth knocked out during games.

If you experience an oral health emergency or would just like to come in for a routine exam after your adventures in sports, contact Audubon Dental Center today to schedule your consultation. Play nice out there, everyone!


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