5 Reasons to See Your Dentist Before the Year’s End

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As the year comes to a close, both November and December can easily get hijacked due to schedules, itineraries, and family coming in and out from out of town. These two months make it extra difficult to get anything done for yourself.

But, the problem is, the end of the year is a crucial time to stay on top of your oral health. Read on for 5 reasons why you should get a visit in with your friendly oral health specialist before the new year.

1.) Because the Holidays Are a Real Threat to Your Oral Health

Is that you making multiple trips to the snack table at Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings? This means you’re likely eating foods rich in sugars or acids that break down your enamel and gums over time. Limiting your frequency at said snack tables is essential in navigating the holiday season. So is scheduling a routine cleaning with Audubon Dental leading up to the new year.

2.) To Finish Your Year Strong

If you’ve kept up with your brushing all year, it’s a good way to cap off the year itself with a sort of state of the union with your oral health technician. You’ll get to the bottom of any hidden problems or simply reinforce what you’ve been doing all year.

3.) Because Insurance Doesn’t Carry Over

It’d be nice if the insurance you don’t use throughout the year carried over into the next, but that’s not the case. Make sure you get any stuff that’s covered by your insurance provider, otherwise you’re not getting what you’ve been paying for all year.

4.) Because Oral Health is Linked to Overall Health

More and more studies are linking oral health to your overall health. Poor oral health can contribute to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more. Get into the dentist’s chair before the year’s end to make sure you’re good to go.

5.) Because it’s a Preventive Measure

Making your scheduled checkups every year is a great way to avoid costly trouble down the road. Don’t wait until a problem occurs to be concerned about your oral health, because, many times, considerable damage will already have occurred. We’d like to help patients avoid this.

Contact Audubon Dental today to schedule your routine cleaning or your first-time consultation. We have a long track record of giving patients A-List smiles.

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