6 Bad Habits that Sabotage Your Smile Pt.2

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Our last blog went over a few bad habits that are harmful to your pearly whites, but we realized that we still had plenty more to list, so we decided to split this blog entry into two parts.

It’s pretty obvious and well-known that smoking and chewing on hard objects and foods (like your nails, jawbreakers, and even ice cubes), can damage the teeth. But there are other less obvious activities that you might be engaging in that put your smile at risk. We’ll list a few below, because preventive dentistry is sometimes the best medicine.

4.) Using Your Teeth as a Tool


Sure, using your teeth to open a beer bottle might be an amazing parlor trick for some bystanders, but you’re putting your smile at huge risk. We’ve seen more than a few patients come in with chipped, cracked, or broken teeth as a result. Don’t cause yourself a cosmetic dentistry emergency for a couple of laughs or out of sheer stupidity.

5.) Taking Lemon in Your Water

First off, it’s probably annoying for servers to have to put a lemon in your water every time you get one. But squeezing a lemon into your water also puts your teeth and gums in contact with harmful acids that can break down enamel. It’s best, if you’re going with water, to get it plain, just as it comes.

6.) Snacking Throughout the Day

It’s a good idea to eat during planned times and brush around those times. Some people even like to bring a toothbrush into work with them — whatever works for you. What will not work for you is snacking throughout the day, meaning that your teeth will constantly be under fire.

You want to have as many moments as you can throughout the day with clean teeth and a clean mouth. Make sure you contact Audubon Dental Center today to stay on top of your oral health. We’ll talk you out of any bad habits you might be engaging in.


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