Aesthetic Dentistry for Teenagers

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Adolescence is that period in a teenager’s life when they are highly concerned about their appearance. Peer influence during this age is so strong at this stage in life that other people’s perceptions become more important than one’s own. In that light, aesthetic dentistry may help boost a teenager’s confidence. This is because a pair of pearly whites is often seen as an attractive asset.

Aesthetic Dentistry

There are many means through which doctors can improve the appearance of their patient’s smile. For instance, dental braces can correct an overbite or underbite, and are common among teenagers. While dental braces may not technically be an aesthetic procedure, part of its goal is to straighten teeth, which lends that improved appearance – precisely what aesthetic dentistry aims to do.

Dental braces, however, is only one among other aesthetic dentistry procedures available. Another common treatment which teenagers can benefit from is teeth whitening. Aside from straight teeth, teeth that have been lightened in color can bring about a radiant effect when one is smiling. Thus, whitened teeth can help make teenagers want to smile more, especially when taking pictures and selfies with their friends.

Another common procedure under aesthetic dentistry is dental implants. Though dental implants are more frequently used on older adults and the elderly, teenagers can get them as well when they have missing teeth for one reason or another. One can only imagine the dread teenagers feel about having missing teeth and at so young an age at that – depending on what tooth is missing, they may never want to smile ever again or even open their mouths properly to speak. This is certainly no way to live and enjoy one’s adolescence.

Audubon Dental Center of Clinton

Here at Audubon Dental Center, we are more than happy to give teenagers, or any patient for that matter, a full assessment of their aesthetic dental needs. We provide a comprehensive range of first-class cosmetic dental services at our spa-like office. Teenagers will find it easy to feel at home with us. For instance, we have ear plugs and headphones available so they can listen to their music of choice. Our office plays soothing music, but we understand it if teenagers will listen to another genre of music throughout the procedure to feel at ease. For teenagers that have forgotten their portable devices, we have several on hand as well for their convenience.

For inquiries about our aesthetic dentistry services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 301-856-1122 today!

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