Dental Health and Tooth Coloration

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Healthy smiles and a sparkling white smiles do not have to be mutually exclusive. One should strive for both whiteness and healthiness when it comes to teeth and a rigorous oral healthcare plan will help you enjoy both immaculate oral health and a celebrity-grade smile.

Below Audubon Dental Center goes over some of the pitfalls of perpetually pursuing that piano-key whiteness many of us tend to have in mind when we think of the perfect smile and how to protect your smile over time.

Your Sparkling-White Smile Might Not Be Healthy

Engaging in whitening treatment after whitening treatment can eat away at your tooth enamel and leave you more prone to cavities and tooth decay.

Preventing Tooth Discoloration

You can make a few easy lifestyle changes that will limit tooth discoloration, like switching from coffee to tea, and quitting sodas and limiting alcohol consumption will help you avoid tooth decay and tooth discoloration. It’s a harder process, but quitting using tobacco products will significantly reduce your chances of experiencing tooth discoloration.

You can also incorporate a rigorous brushing and flossing routine and perform it twice each day while keeping your scheduled visits with your local dentist to make sure you’re addressing any problems as they arise, and treating minor issues before they become more serious issues. It’s also the only way to get a clinical-grade cleaning, which you should be getting every 6 months.

Let the Professionals Do the Whitening

Your oral health specialists have tools and techniques that ensure safe application and execution of clinically-grade whitening procedures that whiten your teeth safely and effectively. Certain procedures cannot be done at home and over the counter remedies cannot match professional-grade power.

If you have any questions about your tooth color and you’re wondering where you stand when it comes to your oral health, contact Audubon Dental Center today. We have a long track record of creating and maintaining healthy smiles for entire families.

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