Dental Implants: Increase in Demand In the Next Few Years

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 Why Dental Implants Will Become Increasingly Popular

According to the American Dental Association, more than 5 million US senior citizens aged 65-74 experience complete tooth loss, while close to 3 million were edentulous. Tooth loss, however, isn’t just a problem of the elderly. This is because 91% of adults aged 20-64 have been found to have dental caries, a remarkable 27% of which go untreated. As anyone might guess, tooth decay is a common cause of tooth loss, where the buildup of plaque weakens the tissues supporting teeth. As a result, teeth loosen over time and eventually fall out.

Dental Implants

So what can be done when a patient loses a tooth or an entire set of them? In the past, dentists resorted to dentures. However, these devices are increasingly being replaced by dental implants. There’s a certain advantage to having removable teeth. For instance, patients may be able to clean them better because they can see them entirely, but having permanent teeth is naturally more convenient. For younger patients, they need not worry about being seen missing a tooth should their dentures fall out. This is because the implant is anchored permanently to the jaw. There are other reasons why dental implants will see higher demand in the coming years.

Popularity of Dental Implants

Compared to “false” teeth, dental implants look natural and are surprisingly comfortable. They aren’t merely there to look like natural teeth — they’re also designed to function as such. This means patients can eat the same way they would with a natural set of teeth.

Another reason why dental implants have become more popular in the last decade is due to the technological advancements in their design and material. Titanium, a material that sees wide use in surgical hip and knee placements, is a common material used to make dental implants. Lightweight yet strong, titanium has a high bone bonding ability, and it can last up to 50 years. For the elderly, that’s more than enough to last their senior years.

What’s more, the costs of dental implants have drastically gone down. When they first came out in the market in the 60s, the procedure was very expensive. Nowadays, you may be able to replace several teeth for the price of one tooth decades ago.

In the end, the demand for implants aren’t merely being pushed up by the growing number of senior citizens, but also because of their undeniable benefits to patients of all ages.


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