Composite Fillings

Get Quality Composite Fillings at Audubon Dental Center

One of the ways people try to uplift their self-esteem or self-confidence is to turn to cosmetic dentistry and avail of a variety of dental services such as getting braces or having their teeth whitened. These days, getting composite fillings is a popular method for restoring teeth while making it look natural. By definition, composites are made from a combination of specialized glass and plastic. These are generally available in different colors, depending on how well it matches the natural shade of patients’ teeth.

White composite fillings are some of the more common forms of composite resin. While the greatest advantage of composites focuses on its aesthetic value, these could also be used to help provide support to the overall mouth and teeth structure. As a result, the occurrence of a minor fracture is avoided. In addition, fillings protect the teeth by providing insulation from changes in temperature. Composite resins are durable and resistant to breakage from moderate pressure, which is often caused by regular chewing.

In some cases, fillings can also be used to fix disfiguration among people. Aesthetic dentistry does not have to be expensive, which is why we continuously invest in various dental techniques to improve our services. We do not just focus on providing you with a bright, welcoming smile, but also make sure that we help you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. This is why we have put up a relaxing audio environment in our facilities in combination with aromatherapy to put our patients at ease.

If you are fond of tea or a regular coffee drinker, composite fillings could be a good solution to tooth discoloration. Composite fillings can wipe off those stains and other tooth marks. Here at Audubon Dental Center, expect only professional and careful dental attention from our team of experienced dentists. We do this by engaging in a consultation with our patients before any procedure is decided on and eventually carried out. We strive to help you understand and select the most suitable cosmetic procedure for your needs.

Unlike other regular clinics, we brand ourselves as a dental facility with a spa-like ambiance. This is what sets us apart from our local counterparts in Clinton, Maryland. Our clients could also avail of the different complimentary amenities we have in our clinic while waiting for their turn at the dentist’s chair.

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