What to Expect from Your First Teeth Whitening Experience

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Teeth whitening is a treatment that many folks explore when they want to put the finishing touches on a movie-star-caliber smile. We all know the attractiveness of a bright, white smile, which both gives patients added confidence as well as takes years off of their appearance. As a result, teeth whitening represents a $3.2 billion-dollar global industry.

At Audubon Dental Center we provide teeth whitening treatments designed to boost your smile whiteness on your terms, creating a comfortable and effective experience for all of our valued patients.

We offer laser teeth whitening to qualified candidates who are looking for a teeth whitening experience that extends beyond over-the-counter or at-home treatments, which often yield inconsistent and even questionable results and can put your teeth and gums in a precarious situation.

It’s best to trust the expertise of an experienced professional in these matters. Our laser teeth whitening treatments deftly target tooth discoloration as we apply powerful hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, which is then amplified by an LED accelerator light that allows the whitening agent to penetrate deep into the tooth’s enamel and underlying dentin. The process breaks up internal stains, discolorations, and can end up lightening your smile up to 8 shades in one sitting.

We create a comfortable atmosphere where our focus is put solely on the patient. We’ll provide music, eye masks, and earplugs if you’d like to be completely free of ambient noise.

Tooth whitening procedures have been known to increase tooth sensitivity, so it’s a good idea for patients to try utilizing desensitizing toothpaste which will end up minimizing discomfort during and after treatment.

We utilize cutting-edge techniques and make sure to provide a clean and professional atmosphere. After application, you can expect the whitening agent to sit for 20 minutes or so to ensure the desired effects take place. We do our very best to ensure that our whitening agent is placed on targeted areas with minimal gum irritation.

Dr. Pantano specializes in family dentistry, helping our patients achieve celebrity-grade smiles due to her extensive background in restorative and aesthetic treatments that help our patients get their smiles back into tip-top shape, restoring functionality and appearance in the process. Audubon Dental Center is committed to staying on top of the latest teeth whitening trends to provide our patients with innovative services that will help smiles get multiple shades whiter without the risks involved with unstable products that can be purchased at the grocery store.

Contact Audubon Dental Center today to learn more about our amazing treatments that help you get the most out of your smile and boost your overall health in the process. We have a long track record of helping the entire family establish and maintain healthy smiles.

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