What to Expect from Your First Teeth Whitening Experience

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If you’ve been considering getting your teeth whitened, it’s more than likely that you’ll have some questions and concerns about how long the process takes, whether or not there’s any discomfort involved, and perhaps how many shades whiter you can expect your teeth to become after the procedure.

These are all fair questions and concerns, which is why Audubon Dental Center would like to shed some light on our teeth whitening procedure as a way to educate our patients. A large part of what we do is educate our patients about treatments, procedures, and products that will help give them a million-dollar smile without the million-dollar price tag.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Harvard Health Publishing says that chair-side bleaching usually “Takes three to four sessions, each lasting about 30–60 minutes, to achieve the color you want.” So, it’s important to understand that to get the best results, you should be fully committed to the process.

Don’t Try This at Home

At-home whitening kits, unless provided by your dentist or oral health specialist, are almost always going to have a less effective dosage of whitening agent, not to mention a less-than-desirable delivery system to the teeth, usually in the form of an uncomfortable mouth guard, which seldom gives you the protection and coverage you need to experience optimum whitening results. It’s always best to leave these matters to an oral health professional.

Are There Side Effects to Teeth Whitening?

Right after your whitening treatment there is a chance that your teeth will be more sensitive and your gums could experience some level of irritation that will come along with chemical contact. We do our best to ensure that whitening materials are deftly applied to ensure the most comfortable experience possible for our patients.

Don’t Over-Bleach!

If you’ve had a teeth whitening procedure or have used an over-the-counter method recently, it’s important to let your oral health specialist know about it, that way you can avoid over-bleaching. Over-bleaching occurs when your teeth get overexposed to hydrogen peroxide, which can end up permanently compromising your enamel and exposing your dentin. At Audubon Dental Center we go to great lengths to ensure that we are as conservative as possible when it comes to preserving and protecting your smile.

There Are Limitations to Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening procedures are fantastic for getting rid of surface stains that come along from food, beverages, and tobacco use, certain types of stains come from medication, fluoride use, or from an injury that teeth whitening procedures will not be able to address.

At Audubon Dental Center we have oral health specialists like Dr. Pantano who will help you achieve the movie star-caliber smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our teeth whitening procedure is one simple and effective way to get a few steps closer to your goal. Contact Audubon Dental Center today to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.

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