What’s the difference between family and general dentistry?

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Do not confuse family dentistry with general dentistry, because the two are not exactly the same. General dentistry means that the dentist in question practices many or all capacities of dentistry. In short, a general dentistry practitioner does not have a specific area of expertise or specialization.

A family dentist will address oral health during every stage in a person’s life. Properly qualified family dentists will be able to provide effective oral health care for those who have baby teeth and those who have permanent teeth as well.

What Your Family Dentist Can Handle

Your family dentist tends to focus on unique oral health needs as they arise in children, young adults, and mature adults of all ages. A few of the services your family dentist provides might include:

• Preventive dentistry
• Routine Cleanings
• Fluoride treatments
• Dealing with cavities (diagnosis and fillings)
• Orthodontics (metal and ceramic braces, and often Invisalign)
• Periodontal disease treatment and prevention

Why choose a family dentist?

One reason is convenience. For our families that cover all of the bases, from infant to adolescent, from teenager to full-blown adult, family dentists get you in and out in one shot. No need to budget your time and do the runaround.

What You Should Look for in a Family Dentist

Make sure you check out the practitioner’s background and credentials. In this day and age records and histories are more transparent than ever. Usually, most reputable dentists will include their educational background and work experience on the “about” page of their website. If a dentist doesn’t yet have a website, that might be an indication of an old-fashioned practice. Then again, it could also mean that the dentist is so skilled and reputable that they feel they don’t need to advertise.

Schedule an initial appointment to be sure. Bring in your family and see how the office handles them. If you have little ones, have them sit down and talk to their prospective dentist. You’ll want someone who can speak to the whole family and give individualized care. You want someone knowledgeable, to be sure, but you also want someone who is understanding and cares about your oral and overall health instead of just the bottom line.

Keep in mind that your kids, no matter what age they are, need stability. That means you should carefully select who you bestow the responsibility of your family’s oral health upon. Contact Audubon Dental Center today to schedule your consultation. We specialize in family, general, and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages.

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