General Dentistry: Top 3 Things Your Dentist Will Never Tire of Reminding You

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Growing up, did your parents ever nag you to “go to your room and brush your teeth” after every meal? As children, we often thought of oral hygiene as a chore. It’s only when we grew older we realized our parents only thought of what’s best. General dentistry consists of services that are geared towards maintaining tooth health. In the same way, your parents only looked after you and your pearly whites, your general dentist only wants you to heave healthy teeth. That said, here are three things your general dentist will never get tired of reminding you:

1. There is a proper way to floss and brush

As much as brushing twice a day is drilled into our heads at an early age, there is still a great number of people who do not know how to floss and brush their teeth properly. For flossing, around 18 to 24 inches of floss should be used, the ends of which are wrapped around the finger. The floss should be moved in a back and forth motion around the tooth to remove plaque. As for brushing, the toothbrush is best held at a 45 degree angle and then used with a back and forth technique – make sure to brush the surface on the inside of the tooth as well.

2. A dry mouth can attract oral bacteria

Not a lot of people know how important saliva is for preventing tooth decay. Saliva doesn’t just aid in breaking down food but also controls the bacteria in your mouth and protects the enamel of your teeth. If you have a dry mouth or if your mouth doesn’t feel wet enough, chances are you have tooth caries that need cleaning. Unfortunately, a dry mouth will only attract more bacteria, making your teeth more vulnerable to decay, so it’s best to see your dentist to determine the cause and get treatment for it.

3. Regular dental check-ups are a must for optimal oral health

When was the last time you saw your dentist? Even if you floss and brush twice a day, do not smoke, have cut down on caffeine or other teeth-staining beverages, going to great length to take care of your teeth, you will still need to see your dentist regularly to ensure optimal oral health. Generally, patients are advised to see their general dentist every six months.

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