Why You Should Get Dental Insurance

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Top 3 Benefits of Dental Insurance

Should you get dental insurance? This is a common question still asked by patients. It’s no secret however that dental work is expensive, lending the question of getting dental insurance rhetorical. But there are instances when getting dental insurance isn’t the best decision. Often, these are cases where the insurance plan doesn’t match the needs and objectives of the patient. This is why when it comes to getting dental insurance, it pays for patients to take their time and shop around for the best plan according to their needs. After all, the goal of insurance is to provide patients with a financial safety net, especially in unforeseen circumstances.

For those still on the fence about getting dental insurance for themselves or their family, here are three compelling benefits to know about:

1. Preventive care is commonly covered – Many dental insurance plans commonly have what is described as “100-80-50” coverage. 100, 80, and 50 stand for percentages that the dental insurance plan will pay for. Preventive care such as x-rays, exams, and cleanings are normally paid for 100%, while basic and common procedures such as cavity fillings are paid for 80% by the dental insurance plan, and finally, major dental works such as bridges and crowns are 50% paid for. 100-80-50 coverage is popular among PPO plans or preferred provider organizations, the type of plan that allows patients to access a wider network of dentists.

2. Costs of basic and costly dental services are partially covered – As mentioned above, dental insurance partially covers basic and costly dental services. Think of your dental insurance premiums paying for themselves whenever you get a dental check-up every six months, plus x-rays. In cases when you do need more work such as a crown, you won’t have to dig so deeply into your pocket to foot the bill because of your dental insurance plan.

3. Your overall oral health improves – Finally, getting dental insurance can help improve your overall oral health. Because you are paying for your premiums, you’d naturally want to use up the benefits provided by your dental insurance, or up until your annual limit at the very least. In turn, you would have realized that you’re now taking better care of your teeth, due to the preventive services you regularly avail of such as check-ups and cleanings. And when it comes to oral health care, prevention is key to long-term dental health.

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