Is a Root Canal Painful?

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If you’re about to undergo a root canal procedure, fear not. In most cases, the root canal procedure is generally painless. The horror stories you hear about are usually cases in which patients delay treatment until their teeth become terribly infected. The bad reputation of root canals portrayed in the media stems from cases like these, and this is why root canals are often the subject of punch lines for jokes in regard to intense pain.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal is necessary when the tooth pulp (nerve of the tooth) has become infected. In the root canal process, the pulp chamber is thoroughly cleaned out and filled with a special material that seals the tooth, thereby minimizing the chance of the tooth having to be extracted.

Crowns and the Root Canal Procedure

Crowns are often the final step of the root canal procedure, and many times when patients complain that root canals “didn’t work” or that they “lost the tooth anyway,” it is because they failed to complete this final step. The crown protects the vulnerable root canal treated tooth from leakage and fracture, which is why crowns are mandatory for root canals done on the back teeth that are used for chewing and grinding.

If a patient chooses to forgo the crown after a root canal on a back tooth, the risk of fracture and ultimate failure of the root canal is tenfold. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consult with your dentist before, during, and after root canal treatments to decide on the best course of action for you.

An added benefit of having a crown after a root canal treatment is that it can restore your smile to a more natural look, especially in cases of broken or badly decayed teeth. A custom crown can make the tooth look even better than it did before!

Is a Crown Necessary for All Teeth After a Root Canal?

In rare cases, a crown may not be necessary after a root canal. Usually these cases deal with root canals on incisor or canine teeth, and generally the root canal was done as a result of trauma instead of decayed or fractured teeth. In these cases, the teeth are generally intact and experience less stress than is placed on the premolars and molars.

Whether or not a crown is placed after a root canal, the teeth are still at risk for tooth decay. For this reason it’s a good idea to expand your oral health routine, making sure to brush and floss properly at home, as well as keep up with your professional cleanings and check-up appointments with us at Audubon Dental Center.

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