A Primer on Dental Plans

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In this day and age we have a lot of options when it comes to most things, whether it’s where we get our dry cleaning is done, where we get our organic foods from, and, especially, where and how we get our oral health services.

At Audubon Dental Center, we like to make the process as simple as possible for our patients wondering what the best avenue is to get the most out of their investment, both when it comes to time spent on perfecting their smile and money spent on dental plans, whether it be PPO insurance, HMO insurance, dental indemnity insurance plans, as well as dental savings plans. At the end of the day, you want the most affordable plan that will give you the most protection and optimal use.

PPO Dental Plans

PPO plans (also called “Preferred Provider Organizations”) allow patients the freedom to choose their dentists and oral health specialists rather than having that choice made for them by their insurance provider. If you like to have your options, a PPO plan will be the best fit for you. You can often experience lower fates if you choose a dentist that is within your insurance carrier’s network, so it’s a good idea to try to work with your insurance provider as much as possible to get the best rate and the most bang for your buck!

HMO Dental Plans

Also called DHMOs, these plans offer networks of dentists which are under contract with dental insurance companies and offer dental services to insured members, often at predetermined rates.

Businesses usually use HMO dental insurance plans to cover their employees, but these sorts of plans can also be used by families and individuals as well. People who don’t get insurance through their employers will often turn to HMO insurance plans for their needs. Please keep in mind that HMO dental insurance plans generally allow for less time spent on each dental visit since dentists who operate in dental HMO insurance plans have to see a certain number of patients, which might mean that dental appointments will be done as quickly as possible. That can also be a good thing because you’ll never spend more time than you need at a dentist operating under this type of dental plan.

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans

Dental indemnity insurance plans require members to pay for dental services rendered out of pocket, then wait to get reimbursed. Though this method offers patients the freedom to pick, choose, and switch dentists, there are often large deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, not to mention a lengthy claims process to get reimbursed for the work you’ve had done. These types of plans are generally used to insure groups of people, as opposed to individuals and families seeking dental insurance.

Dr. Pantano and the rest of our staff here at Audubon Dental Center work with our patients with various insurance plans to deliver the best and most effective possible treatments to our patients. To learn more about who we are and what we can do for your smile, contact us today to learn more. We have a long track record of providing excellent oral health care services for the entire family!

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