How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

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Many patients out there are visiting their dentist regularly but not quite striking the right balance when it comes to brushing their teeth at home. Failing to brush your teeth properly can end up doing costly damage to your smile down the road, which is exactly why Audubon Dental Center would like to go over a few of the best practices when it comes to brushing your teeth.

Know When to Brush

Brushing after meals is crucial, but did you know that you should wait 20-40 minutes after you eat or drink to brush your teeth? If you’re consuming foods with sugars or acids, it’s important to let your mouth neutralize sugars and acids, which can be abrasive to your teeth and enamel if you brush right after you eat or drink.

Brush By Section

Focus on the outer surfaces of your teeth, then go to your lower teeth, then move to your upper teeth. Hit the inner surfaces and chewing surfaces as well to get a muti-dimensional cleaning. Make sure that you take the extra time to clean your tongue, which can be a hotbed for bacteria.

Use a Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

Using a soft-bristle toothbrush is crucial in protecting your teeth, gums, and enamel. Using a powered toothbrush is also a good idea. Make sure to change your brush or brush heads regularly to ensure that your teeth and gums are protected.

Brush in Circular Motions

Instead of brushing back and forth, brush in circular motions, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, it doesn’t matter which. Just like with an eraser on a whiteboard, this is the most effective way to clean your teeth and get rid of debris, instead of working it into your teeth.

Brush and Floss at Least Twice Each Day

Don’t skip out on brushing your teeth in the morning and at night at the very least. Make sure to also incorporate your flossing routine to maximize your daily tooth care ritual.

Visiting your dentist is also a great way to ensure that you’re practicing the best methods for taking care of your teeth and gums. You should be seeing your dentist at least twice each year — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Contact Audubon Dental Center to schedule your consultation today!

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