Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

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Gum disease (also known as Periodontal Disease, and in more advanced cases termed as Periodontitis), is caused when bacteria produced from plaque (which is a sticky, colorless created in the mouth) builds up and bonds itself between your gums and teeth.

Turns out your mouth creates a fertile setting for bacteria to begin to grow, which can cause the gums that surround the tooth to become inflamed.

When you leave this inflammation that occurs in the mouth untreated, your gums can start to deteriorate, not to mention your supporting bone structure, ultimately leading to gum recession and even tooth loss.

Gum disease has also been shown to be associated with other serious and even life-threatening diseases, like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

Below Audubon Dental Center provides a few tips in order to help you prevent gum disease.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Having a killer brushing and flossing routine is your first line of defense against gum disease. Make sure that you brush twice a day for at least 2-5 minutes. Make sure you try to brush after meals and try to limit snacking in between brushing. Make sure you also wait 20-40 minutes after eating or drinking to brush, that way your mouth can neutralize the harmful acids in your mouth that can erode your teeth when brushed right away.

Eat Well

Limiting your consumption of processed sugar and carbs will help your smile out a great deal, because there are harmful sugars that turn to acids in the mouth, eating away at your teeth and gums. Eating crunchy veggies will help clean out your mouth in between brushing.

Stop Drinking Soda

Soda and other sugary soft drinks do straight up damage to your smile. None of them have any nutritional value, either. Try to opt for sugar-free green tea. Add a little honey if you must. Coffee is also good, especially if you stay away from processed sugar. Drinking fluoridated water will help fortify your teeth.

Visit Audubon Dental Center Twice Annually

If your home routine is your first line of defense against gum disease, visiting your local oral health specialist is your next line of defense. We’ll keep you updated on your oral health, provide educational materials and preventive dentistry services, and give you clinical-grade cleanings and screenings that will ensure any problems are addressed before they become more serious issues.

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation. Audubon Dental Center provides top-notch oral health care services for the entire family.

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