Root Canal Procedures

The root canal procedure gets a bad reputation because of unfortunate media coverage. This pivotal procedure designed to save your original tooth gets picked on a lot and often ends up being the butt of jokes. “That sounds about as fun as a root canal,” you might hear the cheeky neighbor say on a sitcom. Don’t let this negative stigma affect your decision to take care of a serious underlying oral health problem.

Root canals are not even close to the most painful dental procedure. As a matter of fact, root canals are designed to relieve pain. All a root canal really entails is drilling into a tooth to remove affected pulp. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and sterilized, then sealed off and crowned, protecting your original tooth, preventing tooth extraction and tooth loss.

Here’s how root canals work:

• First, your dentist will apply a numbing agent to the tooth in question.

• Next, your dentist will create an opening, usually through the top of the tooth, using specialized tools to remove infected, damaged pulp. Your dentist might also use a microbial solution to sterilize the inside of the tooth.

• Next, your dentist (specifically an endodontist) will fill the tooth with specialized materials. Dentists will often use a temporary filling while the lab fabricates a permanent crown meant to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

• The last step of the root canal process involves your dentist expertly placing your very own customized permanent crown over your treated tooth (often made of porcelain for its biocompatibility, stern makeup, and the fact that it doesn’t denature).

A root canal provides an effective catalyst to a new life of meticulous and dedicated oral health practice. We’ll give you all the follow-up care you need to make sure that your root canal procedure was a success. We’ll X-ray the treated tooth on an as-needed basis. We encourage our patients to continue (or start) scheduling their bi-annual cleanings and sticking with them, which, when combined with a great oral health routine at home, will ensure you enjoy your healthy smile for years to come.

Root Canal Cost

No two treatments are the same at Audubon Dental Center. We custom-tailor our approach to each individual patient. Root canal treatment cost will vary based on location and severity of tooth decay. If you put off a root canal, it can always lead to costly, more extensive dental treatments down the road, even ending in permanent tooth loss.

Your Initial Consultation

Contact Audubon Dental Center today to schedule your root canal consultation. We specialize in general and cosmetic dentistry, providing a variety of specialized dental procedures under one roof, including endodontic treatments like root canals.